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Baxi uSense Wi-Fi Thermostat

The uSense Wi-Fi Thermostat will allow homeowners to monitor their heating systems through an app that will give Baxi owners flexibility and peace of mind.


  • Enjoy comfort, energy savings and lower utility bills
  • Baxi uSense can be connected to multiple smartphones so that your entire family can interact with the thermostat
  • Control multiple thermostats from a single smartphone or tablet
  • Switch between manual and schedule modes:
    • Automatic programming can be set up quickly and easily through a short questionnaire about schedules and habits of the user
    • Ability to lock thermostat settings
  • Display Setting can be set to Celsius (ºC) or Fahrenheit (ºF)
  • Three-year limited warranty


Baxi uSense Wi-Fi Thermostat Intro


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