Baxi Genuine Parts

Why should you always use Baxi genuine parts?

Generic parts and genuine parts may look alike. But that’s where the similarities end. Using genuine parts can have a big impact on the operation of your Baxi equipment.

Ask your technician to always use genuine Baxi parts to ensure they have been quality tested for use with your boiler.

Premium Quality

Because all genuine Baxi parts come straight from the manufacturer, you’ll know that each part was made with quality materials designed to meet our strict quality standards and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Lasting Reliability

We design our parts specifically to ensure our boilers work reliably and efficiently. That means genuine Baxi parts will work longer and better than the alternatives. The means fewer replacements and lower costs. And because we make them easy to install, your labor costs will be lower too.

Proven Safety

Baxi is committed to your safety and our genuine parts reflect that promise. Not only are they fully compliant, but they will keep your warranty coverage intact as generic parts may void your boiler’s warranty. Check the terms and conditions of your warranty for details.