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There's always something great happening at Baxi!

Baxi is pleased to announce the introduction of uSense, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat for hydronic heating systems.   This system will allow users to control the temperature in their home at anytime from anywhere with our smart app!

New for 2019, the Baxi Multiple Boiler Control (MBC) is ideal for multiple boiler system applications. The Baxi MBC operates up to four boilers and resets the heating system water temperature based on outdoor air temperatures.

A new Video Technical Support tool is now available to assist contractors in the field! This powerful new tool called Rescue Lens will enable Baxi Technical Support advisors to see in real time exactly what the technician is seeing on the jobsite.

Baxi N.A., part of the BDR Thermea Group headquartered in Utica, NY, recently appointed Roger McLaughlin to Director of Sales.  McLaughlin’s responsibilities include overseeing the company’s channel management partners as well as to lead the North American sales team

Jeff Young has recently joined Baxi N.A. as a technical sales engineer. For the last 34 years, Jeff has resided in Roxbury, VT with his wife Tina and their three boys.