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What to do if the boiler has shut down?

To restart your boiler, follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the boiler using the power button on the control panel. Then unplug your boiler from the wall.
  2. After 30 seconds, plug the boiler back into the wall outlet.
  3. Check the installation manual if your boiler does not restart.

How do I know if the reading on the pressure gauge is normal?

If your boiler is operating normally, the gauge should read between 1.0 – 2.0 bar. A reading below 1.0 bar indicates that the system needs to be re-pressurized. If the water pressure exceeds 3.0 bar, water will flow out from the pressure relief valve. To reduce excess pressure, you can:

  1. Bleed a radiator, or
  2. drain water from the system at a drain point. This is often found underneath a radiator.

My water isn’t hot. What should I do?

Combi boilers provide heat to your central heating unit as well as your domestic hot water using a diverter valve. When you use your hot water, your Baxi combi boiler diverts water from your space heating system to your faucet. When you turn off your hot water, the valve switches back to divert heat to your radiators.

While a brief delay in heating up the water is normal, water that doesn’t get hot may be a sign that the diverter valve may be worn, faulty or simply “stuck”. Homeowners should contact their local service contractor to check this valve. If you are a contractor, please call 844-422-9462 for assistance.

The temperature of my water keeps changing. Is this normal?

Water temperature should stay consistent. If your water temperature is fluctuating, contact your local service contractor.

Do I need to have my boiler serviced regularly?

To keep your boiler in good working order, we recommend your local contractor service your unit once a year.

Where is my boiler’s serial number located?

Your boiler’s serial number is typically located on the right sidewall of the boiler inside the cover. In older models, you may find a tag underneath the boiler that slides out so that you can read the serial number. If you still cannot locate the serial number, you can contact Baxi Customer Support at 844-422-9462. Just provide the name of the boiler and our team will be able to assist you.

Where can I find out when my boiler was made?

For boilers manufactured before 2003, please contact Customer Support at 844-422-9462. You will need your boilers serial number. See the above question to locate it on your unit.

If your boiler was made after 2003, the image below shows how you can find the manufacture date based on the serial number.

If your boiler was manufactured after 2003, the serial number will look like this, and you can find out the year it was made:

Where is the best place in my house to install my boiler?

Boilers can be installed in almost any room, but there are a few things you should consider when selecting a location:

  1. Be sure to install your boiler on the inside of the building. Also, make sure it is secured to a wall that can support the weight of the boiler when it is full of water.
  2. For proper ventilation, be sure your boiler’s flue can pass through an outside wall or the roof. Check the installation manual for legal requirements, such as the distance from windows, ant air bricks, or other buildings.
  3. Your boiler features a condensate pipe that carries away any condensation from the unit. It is recommended to have this pipe connect or reach your home’s internal drain to avoid freezing during cold weather and interfering with the boiler’s normal operation.
  4. If you require your boiler to be installed in a garage or outhouse, additional frost protection is highly recommended to protect the unit’s pipework. Although the boiler comes with its own frost protection, the pipes connected to the unit may freeze if not properly protected. Check the installation manual for information on proper clearances as well as service access before positioning the unit.
  5. Baxi boilers maybe be installed in unvented closets. Our boilers are manufactured to run and remain cool without ventilation.
  6. Ask your installer for any installation options you may have. When surveying your home, they can provide recommendations to maximize convenience, safety, and legal compliance.